10. Local Governance and Planning of Coastal and Maritime Areas

Chairs: Carlos Nunes Silva (University of Lisbon, Portugal) and Anna Trono (University of Salento, Italy)

Type: hybrid

The session aims to explore and discuss local governance and spatial planning of coastal and maritime areas, looking at the interrelationship between inland social, economic, and environmental practices and those in the adjacent maritime areas, raising awareness for the complexity of the relationships between the different users and uses in these areas. The spatial planning system include, in several countries, a spatial plan specific for the coastal area, in some cases a land strip of few hundred metres along the coast, and whose zoning and constraints the municipal spatial plans (e.g. municipal master plan; urban land use plans) must consider. Another common plan is the land use plan designed for beaches. If these plans are examples of planning instruments for coastal areas that have been in place for several decades now, marine spatial plans are more recent. The articulation between these inland spatial plans and the marine spatial plans, and between these two types of plans and spatial sector plans, as is the case of plans for heritage or tourism activities in the coastal and marine areas, call for new research and critical debate.
Papers submitted to this Session can be focused, but not limited, to the following themes or issues:
• Spatial Planning Systems: planning instruments for coastal areas.
• Marine Spatial Planning: instruments, practices and outcomes.
• Maritime Spatial Strategies and Marine Spatial Plans.
• Spatial data infrastructure to support marine spatial planning.
• Integrated and sustainable planning and management of coastal and oceans areas.
• Spatial planning and marine spatial planning in small islands states.
• Governance and planning of marine protected areas.
• Spatial planning and management of protected areas in coastal regions.
• Governance and spatial planning of coastal cities.
• Heritage and tourism in spatial planning in coastal areas.
• Heritage and tourism in marine spatial planning.
The Session looks especially for contributions which bring a multidisciplinary approach and framework to the understanding of the local governance processes in coastal and maritime areas and to spatial and marine planning more specifically.

Keywords:  local governance, spatial planning, marine spatial plans, coastal areas, maritime areas