Grant Program

The International Geographical Union (IGU) announces the availability of grants awarded on a competitive basis to help defray the costs of in-person participation in the 2023  Thematic Conference: The Ocean and Seas in Geographical Thought, 6-7 June 2023, in Milan, Italy.

Please note that, due to the limited availability of funds, the IGU Travel-Fee Grants will cover costs included in the list below. A maximum of US$1000 will be awarded to successful candidates.

In selecting applicants to receive awards, preference will be given to early career scholars, in particular to those from low and middle-income countries and applicants who are not able to find funding. Please note that full participation in the conference, including the post-conference trip, is required.

Although not a strict requirement, a letter of endorsement from the chair of an IGU Commission or Task Force, the chair of the applicant’s National Committee for the IGU, or a session organizer at the Thematic conference will be helpful in support of the application. Contact details of these individuals are available on the conference website: 

Applications should be accompanied by a written statement (see below), the abstract of your paper, proof of submission of the abstract, and any endorsement letters. All documents must be submitted as a single pdf document directly to the conference organizer (Prof. Marcella Schmidt di Friedberg) by email to: Completed applications (including endorsement letters) are due at no later than 20th February. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their requests no later than 1st March 2023 (in case selected candidates decide to renounce the grant they have to notify the organizers no later than 15th March, in order to allow the reallocation of the grant). 

Grants will cover:

  • successful applicants’ fee costs;
  • successful applicants’ accomodation costs;
  • successful applicants’ post-conference fieldtrip costs (fee and travel).

The written statement must contain:

  • name and current institutional affiliation of the applicant;
  • postal address;
  • email address;
  • name of degree/PhD for which the applicant is registered and year of registration (if applicable);
  • title of paper to be presented at the Conference;
  • abstract of paper as submitted to, and accepted by, the Conference (please notice that, to qualify for consideration, applicants MUST have their abstracts accepted); and
  • statement of motivation: a statement, of around 150 words, on why it is important for the applicant to attend this conference.

Direct any questions regarding IGU Travel Grant applications to: